TransGalactic Couriers
Tgc badge 250
Delivering the Galaxy




May 2009


TransGalactic Couriers is a dedicated shipping service, transporting passengers, equipment and commodities to any destination in the known galaxy.


This organization is about offering reliable transportation services to the players of Infinity. By acting as a network of couriers, we can ensure effective, efficient and timely use of our resources to meet the customers' demands.

Operations can range from light, planet-hopping trips to heavy convoys ferrying commodities, so a wide range of ships would be beneficial. Couriers are not bound by any contract and are able to take on jobs at their own pace, however some situations might arise which would necessitate a temporary contract (ie. moving resources to refinery).

Transportation across the galaxy is a valuable service and will prove to be of great use to many players and organizations of all capacities.



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